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Discover the Joy of Laughter Yoga

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What is

Laughter Yoga?

Laughter Yoga is an exercise routine that increases joy, relieves stress, and delivers a fun, uplifting experience. 

Certified Laughter Leaders guide participants in sessions that combine laughter exercises with deep yoga breathing.


No joking, talking or humor is required. Laughter Yoga does not depend on your mood at all. You just need enthusiasm and an open mind.

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Laughter for mind, body and soul

Studies by Laughter Yoga International and founder Dr. Madan Kataria reveal physiological, emotional, and mental benefits to Laughter Yoga. 

In Laughter Yoga, you laugh deliberately and intentionally. Your body can’t tell the difference between simulated and spontaneous laughter. But the benefits are the same – you will achieve stress relief, a boost in energy and other positive results with a Laughter Yoga session. 


Benefits of Laughter Yoga

Laughter feels Good and is Good for you!


  • Improves blood flow, cardio and lung function

  • Increases oxygen intake

  • Boosts energy 

  • Relieves pain

  • Increases “feel good” hormones (serotonin and endorphins) & decreases “stress hormones” (cortisol) 


  • Creates a mood boost – that lasts 

  • Releases your inner child and brings joy

  • Promotes emotional intelligence 

  • Deepens your connection with others

  • Clears negative emotions


  • Promotes creativity and provides Right Brain Exercise

  • Increases focus

  • Boosts confidence

  • Helps Self-care

  • Relieves Stress 

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Sessions & Services

Did you Laugh today?

Please note: Due to Covid-19, all in person Laughter Yoga sessions are temporarily suspended. All sessions are currently being held online.

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Monthly Laughter Plan

$100 Package Price — 5 days a week for 15 mins (Mon-Fri)

Experience your Daily Dose of Laughter with Laughing Lovebugs Leaders 5 days a week for a Month during the specified time period. You’ll have the freedom of joining our scheduled 15 minute Daily Dose of Laughter every day or whenever you want during the time period listed.


Classes will be automatically cancelled after 5 minutes if zero participants show up. (1 attendee minimum. No refund.)

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Group Sessions

Price $25 per person

These Immersive Laughter Yoga sessions are open to adults, teenagers, seniors, or anyone who has the ability to laugh. Group Laughter Yoga sessions are perfect for schools, senior centers, private events, celebrations, special occasions, holidays, family reunions and more.

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Workplace Sessions

Price Varies based on location and number of employees please contact us for rates.


Are you looking to bring a fun, engaging and energizing activity to your employees? Bring Laughter Yoga to your workplace or corporate teams. Laughter Yoga can enhance communication, improve performance, build team spirit, boost creativity, and ease stress.  

Sessions can be scheduled after hours at the employees’ convenience or as special events.

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Laughter Buddy Pass Package

Price $88

Do you have an upcoming family gathering, holiday, birthday, or celebration? Surprise your friends and loved ones with the gift of laughter! The Laughter Buddy Pass is a flexible option for any special occasion. The Pass includes five (5) sessions that can be given to one person, split among different individuals, or used to book a session together as a bonding experience.

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Price $50

Experience Laughter Yoga with your special someone. Laughter improves the quality of relationships and strengthens the bond between couples. Science confirms that couples who laugh together, stay together. Laughter Yoga may help to reduce cabin fever and diffuse tension. Create intimacy via laughter while reigniting the playfulness in your relationship.

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Children's Laughter Yoga ages 4-10)

Price $33 for 30 minutes


Children today are faced with many pressures and have forgotten how to laugh and play. Physical activity is lessened, and adult behavior is demanded at an early age. Group play and child-to-child interaction is replaced with electronic games and remote devices. Laughter Yoga can help children learn to laugh and have fun while relieving stress and boosting creativity. In a Laughter Yoga session, children learn to freely express emotions and stay in a positive frame of mind. These Laughter Yoga sessions are simple and fun with emphasis on breath and intellectual engagement. 


The Laughter Professionals

About Alik & Lauren

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Alik and Lauren Colbert founded Laughing Lovebugs with a mission to cultivate joy and inspire connection in the lives of others through Laughter Yoga. 

As Certified Laughter Leaders, they lead Laugher Yoga sessions and programs for individuals of all ages, from children to seniors. They are passionate about empowering, inspiring, and enlightening others, and are dedicated to helping people discover the joys and many benefits of Laughter Yoga. 

Alik and Lauren met on a popular online dating site in June 2012. Four years later, on his birthday, Alik popped the question, and they married in September 2017. They completed Certified Laughter Leader training through LaughterYoga University, founded by Dr. Madan Kataria. They enroll in refresher courses and attend meetings to stay up to date with everything Laughter Yoga. 

They are constantly inspired by the joy that Laughter Yoga brings to their lives and infuse this feeling into every interaction and connection.


We Love the way U Laugh!


"My first class with The Laughing Love Bugs was at the height of the Covid crisis in NYC. There was so much anxiety in the air but after an uplifting session, I was vibrating with such good energy. Nothing heals the soul like laughter they say and The Laughing Love Bugs have the perfect prescription! Try a class and see for yourself!"

Jovani, Professional Model/Actress


Thank you, Lauren and Alik This was such a blessing...I found myself laughing on and off for the rest of the evening. Looking forward to laughing with you both again.

Jennifer, Founder of Global Youth


"I was having a rough week grieving the loss of family and was reluctant to do the session but I feel so grateful that I did because I went from feeling sad to sky high good! You two are amazing and the uplifting energy you project is contagious and definitely needed at this time when stress and fear is so prevalent in our lives. Laughter is definitely good for the soul. I’ll be back for sure."

Jeremiah, Behaviorist, State of New Jersey 


"My children and I absolutely Loved it! We really need to have more people like you two in the universe. We can’t wait to join you again!"

Blake, Renowned Author & Health wellness coach


"Lately I was feeling overwhelmed with the demands of college and working a full time job. This laughter yoga session helped me to relieve my stress in mind and body. I felt so energized and relaxed at the same time. I’m so shocked the effects lasted into the  into the next day. I still can’t believe the long lasting effects. I wish it was offered as a college course elective. I never knew about all the health benefits to Laughter!"

Ronald, College student 


"We had no idea what to expect and never heard of laughter yoga.  This session was not only great for the clients we serve but all of the employees here enjoyed the Laughter yoga Session- You two were professional and your positive energy was contagious! Things can get very busy here and tension rises among us so we needed that stress reliever!  It was truly beneficial for all ! We would love to have you again!  Thanks for making it a happy day at work!

Water's Edge HealthCare and Rehabilitation Center


"I loved laugh yoga! It was a little different at first, but I felt really good afterwards. I felt a noticeable difference from in both my mood and energy. I plan to treat my team to a session soon!"

Brian, Owner of Smile Natural Products 


"We did One minute of Laughter for world peace in the New York leader meeting. We decided to strengthen our social laughter clubs and also  how to laugh every single day."

Dr Madan Kataria, Founder of Laughter Yoga


"I really enjoyed the laughing yoga class. I hope there is room for me to join again! It was so much fun to try something new!"

Chrysoula, Ph.D University Professor